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The wonderful Hannah is due to give birth in June, so it is time for us to start looking for a replacement. Initially we thought about putting a blonde wig on a cactus and putting it in the corner, but we have decided to hire a real person instead. That could be you!

We are seeking a jack of all trades office person to work with us in our luxurious (stinking hot in summer, freezing cold in winter demountable) office in South Fremantle, for approximately 25-30 hours per week. Ideally the role would be 5 days per week, however we can be flexible.

This is a role that could suit someone with school age children, who wants to make the pick ups/drop offs.

The role will start early April, working 3 days per week and progress to 5 days/week in late May or whenever Hannah give’s birth.

There is no such thing as a perfect person, however if we had a laboratory and we could mix together the ideal candidate, then we would make a person who;

  • is super organised
  • has an incredible eye for detail
  • is passionate about the outdoors
  • is knowledgable about the tracks and trails around Australia
  • understands digital marketing, administration and basic accounting.
  • is fun
  • is smart
  • is understanding that tuna is to be consumed outside
  • doesn’t care that they are working in a warehouse and that there are spiders in the toilets
  • is an empathetic communicator, especially with the written word.

If you can tick just a few of these (the tuna one is a must though) then we would love to hear from you. To apply for the role, please fill out the form below.

Many thanks,

Team IO (Adam, Rachelle, Mike, Imogen, Anna, Malcolm, Campbell, Sarah, Simon and Hannah)


Work in our office

Application for office role
  • SEO, Social Media, Content marketing, Website design (we use Wordpress) etc.


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