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  1. Emily
    Emily at |

    You should make a cookbook Mike. Or we could start Magic Mike’s Outback Cooking Channel on Youtube 🙂

  2. Peter Fowlie
    Peter Fowlie at |

    I’d definately like to join the queue of proposers of marriage , Sounds like my. Sort of recipe , but I’m a bit disappointed about the loss of locks…….what happened? Peter.

  3. Carole Peters
    Carole Peters at |

    Not sure if that 300ml of cream (to whip & eat) is actually ‘heaps’. Depends if a genuine lover of cream has been down that Gibb River Road recently.

    So Magic Mike here is a tip for fellow lovers of cream:
    Trying to get away with an extra serve of cream is a practised art of distraction and trading away other privileges such as ‘hot curry’ or ‘bacon at breakfast’ . I’ll take the cream any day.

    Custard Carole

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