Our Kimberley, Karijini and Larapinta Trail tours – camping tours for non campers


Camping is not for everyone.

There are those who would prefer a coffin to a tent. The idea of being woken up at first light by a blue winged Kookaburra is enough to make them consider buying a rifle!

At Inspiration Outdoors, we understand these people. In fact we have a rule. If camping doesn’t make the tour better, we don’t do it.

But sometimes camping can’t be avoided. If you want to visit locations like the Kimberley or Karijini without halving your superannuation or spending the whole time in a bus, camping is essential.

We have spent a lot of effort ensuring that our camping tours are comfortable for our coffin sleeping, rifle wielding guests. We are not into luxury, but there is no reason to forgo comfort when camping. Here is how we do it;

Kimberley Tour

How we run camping tour for non campers

Toilets a plenty: Availability of toilets is non negotiable.There are toilets at all of the camp sites we use. Admittedly you might be accosted by the odd “dunny frog” but don’t let a visit from kermit dissuade you!

Hot water showersIt is surprising how many camp sites in the middle of nowhere have hot water showers. The only places that we camp that don’t have showers are the Bungles Bungles and Millstream National Park, everywhere else have good quality solar showers. Even if the prospect of walking amongst the Bungle Bungles isn’t enough for you to forgo a shower, don’t worry as we can rig one up from the bus. It’s not pretty but it does the job.


Kimberley TourYour own tent: Some companies make you share a tent with another guest but we don’t. Whilst our tents are certainly big enough for two (they are officially 3 person tents), we have one tent per person. The tents are 190cm tall, which is not too bad for when you have to change your strides.




Stretcher Beds and sleeping mattresses: Sleeping on the ground is not our style. We have stretcher beds with self inflating mattresses for all of our camping tours. Not only is this more comfortable, it also gives you a lot more room in your tent as you can stash your bags underneath your bed.



Delicious Food: Just because we are 400km from the nearest kitchen and 800km from the nearest shop, doesn’t mean that we skimp on the quality of food. We have fridges and freezers on board, and have many ninja tricks to ensure fresh vegetables stay crisp and delicious for days at a time. The food might be a little simpler than we normally do on our accommodated tours, but it is no less delicious or healthy.


Chairs with proper back rests: We hear you. It is the little things in life that are important. We know it is hard to enjoy a Karijini sunset when you have to lock on your abdominal muscles just to stay upright! Especially when you are trying to drink a glass (well, a cup) of chilled white wine. We have nice big, comfy camping chairs. More than one person has had a nap in one of these things!


If you have been thinking about going to the Kimberley but have been put off by the idea of camping, don’t strike one of Australia’s best destinations off your list just yet. It might be more comfortable than you think.

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