Cape to Cape Track, TripAdvisor, Nov 2020

Cape to Cape Track

I am so very grateful that I booked with inspiration outdoors. From the moment I booked I felt like I had made the right decision. (After all its a huge decision choosing who to do this hike with, it changes the whole experience).

We got guides Dane and Ash, who from the get go made us feel relaxed and comfortable. It was not an issue at all that we were all strangers (age range 45-84), They brought the group together and with their wit, banter and singing, it made even the serious moments funny.

Dane kept us all updated with the fauna and flora whilst Ash was up with the history and some fun facts. What a great team.
Also extra special to Ash who gave me a great one on one (after day 5), he believed in me even at times when I doubted myself. He pushed me to finish, forever grateful.

Doing the Cape to Cape, and choosing Inspiration Outdoors was the best decision I made. I will be booking heaps more treks with this group, just waiting for my poor feet to recover.

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