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Jill, Kimberley Camping Tour 2013

Jill in the Kimberley

Thank you for a wonderful holiday. I felt as if you welcomed us into a spectacular landscape which you knew well and loved to share with friends. There was also the sense that you were always learning new things about the Kimberley world and that, as your guests, we were included in your discoveries and your delight. It was an exciting holiday, full of interest, activity, refreshment and renewal. I enjoyed it all, even though I would say I’m not the world’s keenest camper.

Jennifer, Cape to Cape 2013

Jennifer on the Cape to Cape Track

“Thank you Simon and Emily for your excellent care, organisational skills and most importantly the fun we all shared. The food was outstanding and your attention to detail was fantastic. Special thanks also to that fun crowd for sharing those special seven days of walking with me!”

Richard, Kimberley Camping Tour, 2013

Richard, Kimberley Camping Tour, 2013

The Kimberley camping tour was my first with Inspiration Outdoors. The tour surpassed my expectations in the extent of what we saw without ever feeling rushed to meet a schedule. Simon and Emily not only provided leadership in a relaxed style they had a sincere interest in all the party members to the extent that they were fellow travelers… The scenery on the tour was magnificent made all the better by seeing it on foot. The tour was a great way to see a lot in the Kimberleys in a short time without being rushed and certainly good value for money.

Tracy, Donnelly River Weekender, Bibbulmun Track, 2013

Tracey, Bibbulmun

I’ve just been on the fabulous tour at Donnelly River, walking the tracks in the amazing cool temperate forest with heaps of glorious fungi. This was as good as the wildflowers in spring. Complimenting this was the superb, healthy food provided by Emily and Simon and careful attention to detail in their organisation and action during the tour.

Kellie, Cape to Cape, 2011

Kellie, Cape to Cape

Simon and Emily, thank you for a great experience on the Cape to Cape walk, it has inspired and invigorated me and I look forward to future walks with Inspiration Outdoors.

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