Of course! If you are electing to bring your own bike, it is important that you have a bike fit for purpose. This will be different for every person, as we all have different skills, fitness and opinions and there is no bike made for every scenario. You will ultimately be the best judge on whether your bike is suitable however we strongly suggest it meet the following recommendations –

  • A mountain bike with front suspension (rear suspension is also good, but not necessary).
  • Well maintained and in good working order (serviced within the last 3 months)
  • 26, 27.5 or 29 inch rim tyres
  • Wide off road tyres. Ideally the tyres will be around the 45-55mm. Anything less than this will be difficult to ride in the sandy patches. Anything really wide is going to harder going on some of the firmer ground.
  • Knobbly tread patterns (not a smooth tyre). Maximum of 2 years old.

If you feel your bike is not going to be up to the ride just let us know and we will arrange a perfectly suited mountain bike for the duration of the tour.

If electing to bring your own we will need your bike at least a day before the tour, so that we can load it onto our trailer to avoid loading bikes at the pick up spot.

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