Our trips will vary in difficulty but in general they are suited for intermediate riders. An intermediate rider is someone who can handle 3 to 4 hours of moderately paced pedal time each day, for several days in a row (although you can take days off from riding). There will always be slower and faster riders on every trip; in general we try to cultivate a strong group dynamic so that people understand it’s not about finishing quickly or logging as many kilometres as possible on the odometer, but about enjoying the riding and scenery in the company of other riders, and that may require waiting every now and then.

Ensuring you are on a tour that’s right for you, and ensuring you are ready for the physical and technical demands of a tour, is of utmost importance to us. It helps ensure that you will be riding with people of similar skill level and won’t be holding up the group or be held up by others – and can ride at the pace you prefer.

This can be a challenge but here’s what we do –

  1. When booking, we ask each participant to tell us about their mountain biking experience. The answers are reviewed by staff and provide valuable insight as to whether or not the tour is a good fit for them.
  2. We follow up with a phone call if we think a rider might not be quite up to the challenge (or might be ‘over qualified’) and discuss their skill level and fitness to discover whether they are indeed a good fit, or if another tour might be more suitable.

Whatever your level, you’ll get the best possible enjoyment by getting in shape before the trip – we’ll offer training suggestions in our pre-tour communications to help you on your way.

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