June, July and August is the best time in the Top End. River crossings and some trails all depend on the wet season and how much rain the area received. Usually by mid June, most roads and tracks should be open again. The chance of getting rain in this period is very small, but still always come prepared.

The days will generally be around 30-32C, humidity is generally quite low, but there is always a chance it can be humid. Drinking enough water is paramount to feeling well and you will need to ensure you bring enough water bottles with at least 4l capacity. Drinking 3-5l of water a day is absolutely normal in the Top End.

On some of the longer walking days and when we walk in peak heat in the afternoon as well as up on the plateaus in the stone country, temperatures of around 36-38 is to be expected. Come well prepared for hot weather.

At this time of the year the nights generally cool down and can be anywhere between 18-22C.

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