About our tours

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First, our tours are for people who like to walk long(ish) distances. That means we usually leave our accommodation pretty early each morning (between 7.30 and 8.30) and finish walking mid to late afternoon.

You won’t break any records on our walks – for fastest or slowest hike. We keep a steady pace, but there are plenty of opportunities to rest, take photos and appreciate the views along the way.

A relaxed, social and supportive atmosphere is central to our tours. Have a chat and enjoy the sights and smells with your walking companions. Then back at the accommodation, slip into your comfy slacks and slippers and put your feet up with a cup of tea or a wine. Enjoy the conversation around the dinner table. And if you want to go to bed as soon as you’ve finished the last spoonful of dessert, or stay up and chat, you can.

We don’t specialise in birds or plants or rare subterranean amphibians – although we’re interested in all of these things. There are no evening lectures and you don’t need to bring a notepad and pen (unless you want to). We have a sound and ever-expanding knowledge of the unique and special environments that we walk through, and love sharing what we know with those who are interested. We especially like digging around for stories of the plants and people whose history is linked with the areas we walk in and we’ll share those stories with you as we walk.

Our tours are for those who enjoy the simple pleasure of walking in nature, combined with the luxuries of a proper relaxing holiday. We pay attention to the details, so that you can relax and enjoy the experience. Join us on a walking tour that goes beyond mere travel, into the heart of Australia’s breathtaking landscapes, and let’s walk this beautiful country together.

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