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Summer (Dec to Feb) on Kangaroo Island

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Average summer temperatures are 24°C (75°F) maximum and 14°C (57°F) minimum.

During summer, Kangaroo Island offers diverse beaches for exploration. The south and west coasts offer intense waves perfect for beach fishing, while serene bays like Antechamber Bay grace the east. The north boasts ideal spots for family swims. Unique beaches like Stokes Bay provide a mix; one side entertains boogie-boarders with moderate waves, while a neighbouring protected rock pool, rich with aquatic life, invites exploration and wading.

Stokes Bay Kangaroo island
Stokes Bay

Summer Wildlife on Kangaroo Island

During the sunniest periods on the island, nature is on full display and easily discovered, providing a delightful backdrop to a serene Kangaroo Island getaway.

Koala sounds on Kangaroo Island

In the summer, the treetops come alive with the vocalisations of mating Koalas. Offspring are welcomed into the world five weeks after-mating, but it often takes another seven months before you can spot a young Koala comfortably nestled on its mother’s back, emerging more frequently from the pouch.


Echidna on Kangaroo Island

By the time Echidna offspring reach seven months, they are in the process of weaning, already showcasing their protective spines and resembling smaller versions of their mothers.

Kangaroo Island Platypus

Spotting a Platypus is a rare treat. Your best bet to catch a brief view is during the latter part of summer, when the water recedes in streams and ponds.

Bottlenose Dolphins

While Bottlenose Dolphins might reproduce throughout the year, birthing typically peaks towards summer’s end. Given that calves can nurse for as long as 18 months, there’s a good chance of seeing these younger members swimming within dolphin pods around the island’s bays and inlets all year. Embarking on a local guided tour offers a chance to witness these spirited and nimble marine animals playfully manoeuvering through wave crests, showcasing their incredible aquatic prowess.

Kangaroo Island’s population of fur seals

fur seal kangaroo island

The summer season heralds the breeding phase for both the Australian and Long-Nosed Fur Seals. January, being the height of the season, witnesses intense territorial confrontations. One can safely observe this powerful display from the Admiral’s Arch boardwalk, where the resonating roars and dramatic physical clashes are truly a spectacle.

Summer birdlife on Kangaroo Island

During Kangaroo Island’s gentle summers, the bush remains abuzz with diverse avian activity. Birds that migrate keep feasting at abundant sites, preparing for their journey back to their northern hemisphere nesting spots.

The warmer months mark a crucial nesting period for several of the island’s petite coastal birds. It’s essential to be vigilant for these expertly concealed avians, especially near the high tide zones on beaches where they often seek shelter amidst seaweed or in the sandy alcoves. To ensure their nesting success, it’s vital to maintain distance, keep pets restrained, and if you’re driving on the beaches, stick to areas below the high tide line.

Australian Pied Cormorants on Kangaroo Island
Australian Pied Cormorants

With the onset of summer’s hot northern breezes, cast your gaze skyward to witness the Pacific Swifts. These birds herald the summer storms from the mainland, forming large groups and showcasing their rapid wingbeats and aerial dexterity as they hunt airborne insects.

Young Elegant Parrots, although not frequent guests, grace the island with their presence. Spotting these sporadic visitors becomes likelier along the western roadsides during summer or within the grassy woodlands near the northern perimeter of Murray Lagoon.

As the freshwater habitats of winter and spring begin to retreat under the warmth of summer, Black Swans gather in significant numbers at locales like Shoal Bay, Pelican Lagoon, and the American River coastline, particularly towards the island’s eastern tip. For a heightened birdwatching experience, use a bird hide in these zones, which can enhance your odds of observing a rare bird species.

Wildflowers on Kangaroo Island

As the warmth sets in, the native hop bushes, present in three distinct varieties, begin to shine. They flaunt fruits ranging in shades from copper to purple, adorning the petite shrubs.

On male she-oak trees, bronze flower tassels are a prominent sight, while the presence of flowering mallees is given away by the melodies of parrots and honeyeaters feasting nearby.

A colorful tapestry of pea flowers, predominantly in hues of yellow and red but also sprinklings of pink and purple, thrive close to the earth well into the summer season. Notably, the unique Green Correa is in bloom, and the velvet bushes persist in their graceful display. Additionally, the island’s singular native bottlebrush, the Scarlet Bottlebrush, adds to the vibrancy.

Dwarf Wedge-Pea

The samphire meadows lining the Chapman River present a stark contrast of red against the greyish backdrop of the soil, further accentuated by the peeling barks of melaleuca paperbarks. These trees also contribute with their white to cream floral exhibition from the tail end of spring into the heart of summer.

Walking on Kangaroo Island during summer months

During summer, Kangaroo Island usually enjoys cooler temperatures compared to the adjacent mainland, though there can be occasional spikes. As it’s bushfire season, it’s advisable to opt for shorter strolls. For the most agreeable experience, consider walking along the beaches either early in the morning or as the day winds down.

The Kingscote Scenic Walking Route stretches along the coast, connecting Brownlow and the Cygnet River’s delta. This easy-to-navigate path caters to various skill levels and is also cycle-friendly.

Ruins of the Old Jetty with New Jetty in background Kingscote
Ruins of the Old Jetty with New Jetty in background Kingscote

Bird enthusiasts would appreciate the Curley Creek Hike, spanning 11 kilometres in the Cape Gantheaume Conservation Park. Offering scenic vistas of Murray Lagoon, the island’s most expansive inland water feature, it’s especially captivating when frequented by migratory waders. For the finest panoramas, head to Bald Hill.

Cape Gantheaume

Starting at American River, the Cannery Walk offers a glimpse into the past, while the Investigator Trail borders the peaceful Pelican Lagoon sanctuary zone, an idyllic spot for birdwatching.

Summer Food and Wine on Kangroo Island

During summer, a plethora of fruits reach sun-ripened perfection, leading the island’s inhabitants to craft singular delights such as indigenous fruit preserves, spirits, and liqueurs.

Indulge in a summertime spread featuring the region’s seafood offerings. Relish the Southern Rock Lobster or Southern Garfish on a sandy beach, paired with a refreshing bottle of the island’s cool-climate wine. Relish the rich and juicy marron, an ideal treat for the summer warmth. Pair freshly shucked oysters with a local gin-infused tonic.

Catch of Southern-Rock Lobster

On a balmy summer day, experience the smooth and aromatic lavender ice cream, with the distant hum of bees gathering nectar from blossoming gums, which will eventually turn into honey. At some of South Australia’s pioneering boutique distilleries, sample meticulously chosen fresh botanicals (many sourced locally) in exclusive editions, like the coveted seasonal mulberry gin.

The local farmers’ markets are alive with activity in the summer months. Locals and tourists seamlessly blend, rubbing shoulders with craft producers, cultivators, and artisans. As you nibble on samples that are a testament to the region’s environment, climate, and earth, engage in stories from passionate vendors. Enjoy a leisurely coffee. This is Kangaroo Island, where life is unhurried and interactions are warm.

Artists Studio on Kangaroo Island
Artists Studio on Kangaroo Island

Stop by one of the many farm stalls, available throughout the year or upon request. From honey shops, lavender farms, and eucalyptus distilleries to fresh seafood hubs, wine tasting rooms, microbreweries, and spirit distilleries, there’s much to explore. Discover the innovative ways island produce is used in culinary delights, whether it’s a lavender-infused scone, honey-flavoured ice cream, locally smoked oysters, or fish. There’s a flavour to cater to every palate.

Emu Ridge Eucalyptus distillery

Food and agriculture on Kangaroo island

Farmers recognise the worldwide appetite for authentic, pure, and transparent products. In harmony with the environment, Kangaroo Island’s serene produce stands poised to meet these needs.

At the Farmers’ Market, aromatic fresh figs entice patrons. Eucalyptus oil is expertly extracted from the leaves of the narrow-leaf mallee. Fresh olive oil graces store shelves and market stalls.

Penneshaw Farmers Market on Kangaroo Island
Penneshaw Farmers Market on Kangaroo Island

For the quintessential summer feast, marron farmers harvest the luscious crustaceans from reservoirs. As native fruits mature, they infuse an unmistakable Island touch to preserves and relishes. Harvesting season sees the fields abuzz with activity as grains and canola are gathered. Towering center pivots hydrate sprouting potatoes in the sun-kissed earth. The continuum of life marches on, with rams integrating into herds and sheep trailing behind feed carts across vast fields.

Regardless of the season, farm outlets and tasting rooms await with open arms. Delve into the tales of these lands and savor offerings such as honey, marron, wines, brews, fresh marine delicacies, and avian products.

Kangaroo Island’s coastline

For those who find solace in sailing, Kangaroo Island emerges as an idyllic haven. As you navigate the northern shores, you’ll discover quaint settlements nestled amidst pristine sandy beaches, undulating terrains, impressive cliffs, and enchanting inlets. Marine life thrives here, with dolphins gliding through the northeastern waters, and a plethora of birds gracing the skies. Nepean Bay offers a tranquil setting for day cruises, while the northern coastline beckons sailors to anchor and extend their stay amid its captivating havens.

Coastal walkers on Kangaroo Island

The island’s perimeter seamlessly morphs from inlet to shoreline to towering cliffs. Particularly towards the east and west, the dramatic landscape culminates in cliffs like Cape Borda and Cape Willoughby, rising majestically over 150 meters above the ocean’s surface.

Beginner surfers and boogie board enthusiasts might find Stokes Bay and Vivonne Bay to their liking. However, always be vigilant of the ever-changing sea conditions, especially the potential rips and currents. Seasoned surfers typically gravitate towards Pennington and D’estrees Bay, and a friendly chat with a local can lead to discovering the next best spot.

The summer ambiance is perfectly complemented by swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking adventures. And with the island’s vast coastline, there’s no shortage of locations to indulge in. While the northern beaches cater to those seeking calmer waters, the southern coast offers thrilling experiences for the adept and daring. But, regardless of your choice, the mesmerizing blue waters, whether you’re diving in or observing from the soft white sands, promise a sublime experience.

Fishing and boating on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is a treasure trove for fishing enthusiasts, offering a wealth of locations to cater to every preference. Locals and tourists alike are drawn to its rich fishing grounds, be it from a quaint jetty, the expansive beach, a rented dinghy, the seat of a kayak, or aboard a deep-sea charter.

The summer warmth lures garfish into the sheltered bays, making it an ideal time to try dab-net fishing for these delectable fish. The season also sees an upsurge in other marine life, such as squid, snook, Red Mullet, and crabs. Tommy Ruff become particularly prolific in the protected areas of the northern coast. Meanwhile, Trevally is abundant on the north coast, and while the Silver Drummer can be found along rocky coasts, it’s known for being elusive. Warm months near the American River offer an ample harvest of sand crabs.

Pennington Bay

For those with boats, ramps are available at American River, Bay of Shoals in Kingscote, and Christmas Cove in Penneshaw, with a fee. Alternatively, free ramps are accessible at Baudin Beach and Emu Bay. If you’re looking for a more intimate fishing experience, consider kayak fishing. Kayaks offer a unique advantage, allowing you to explore areas inaccessible by foot or larger vessels.

Emu Bay Fishing Kangaroo Island
Emu Bay

Always be responsible and informed when fishing. Ensure you’re aware of regulations regarding size, bag, and possession limits for various fish and shellfish. Remember, there are specific seasonal restrictions, notably for Rock Lobster and Snapper.

Photo Opportunities on Kangaroo Island during Summer

Kangaroo Island is a haven for photographers, particularly those with a penchant for capturing the essence of nature. As summer unfolds, it paints a distinctly Australian tableau: hop bushes adorned with shades ranging from copper to purple, wattles bursting with pea pods, and gums, hakeas, and banksias showcasing their woody nuts. This vibrant landscape is a feast not only for the eyes, but also for the local fauna. Parrots and honeyeaters, for instance, can’t resist the allure of flowering mallees.

For birdwatching enthusiasts, public bird hides at locations such as American River, Reeves Point, and Duck Lagoon offer the perfect vantage points to photograph waders. Plus, these spots, shaded and serene, serve as delightful escapes from the midsummer heat.

Fish Cannery Walk, American River
Fish Cannery Walk, American River

Emu Bay’s waters are a spectacle in themselves. They shimmer in varying shades of blue, from deep azure to light turquoise, creating a stunning contrast with the pristine white sands. Such a mesmerising sight might tempt you to take a refreshing dip. Moreover, summer’s bright light accentuates the details of flotsam and jetsam washed ashore, presenting unique photo opportunities.

For those keen on mixing a bit of history with their photography, a shaded walk to the Cannery at American River is a must. Here, amid the historic ruins and rugged shoreline, you’ll find countless moments waiting to be captured.

The official Kangaroo Island website has more information on great photography spots.

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