Kimberley Walking Tours

Walk, swim, relax & soak up the beauty on this guided Kimberley walking tour. So many extraordinary places. $3,990pp – 13 Days ex Broome or Kununurra, moderate terrain, 85km


If you’ve always wanted to visit the Kimberley WA, and if you’re interested in walking and swimming, rather than sitting on buses all day, this Kimberley tour is for you. Our Kimberley WA walking tours allow you to go where other tourists can’t and explore the gorges, swimming holes, waterfalls and vistas of this magnificent landscape.

We’ve designed an itinerary which, over 13 days, gives you the best of the Kimberley WA including the Gibb River Road gorges, El Questro Wilderness Park and Purnululu National Park (the Bungle Bungles) – without rushing. Travel in air-conditioned comfort in our custom-built 4WD coach, and enjoy wonderful guided day walks along the way.

Take your time to walk, swim, relax, and soak up the surrounding beauty each day – while still seeing so many extraordinary places.

This is a one of our comfortable camping tours but before you think camping is not for you, click here to check out our camping experience for non campers.

2021 Departures

Broome to Kununurra Kununurra to Broome 
28 Apr – 10 May 2021 14 – 26 May 2021
1 – 13. May 2021 17 – 29 May 2021
4 – 16. May 2021 20 May – 1 Jun 2021
7 – 19. May 2021 23 May – 4 Jun 2021
30 May – 11 Jun 2021 15 – 27 Jun 2021
2 – 14. Jun 2021 18 – 30. Jun 2021
5 – 17. Jun 2021 21 Jun – 3 Jul 2021
8 – 20. Jun 2021 24 Jun – 6 Jul 2021
3 – 15 Jul 2021 19 – 31 Jul 2021
6 – 18. Jul 2021 22. Jul – 3. Aug 2021
8 – 20 Jul 2021 24. Jul – 5. Aug 2021
11 – 23 Jul 2021 27. Jul – 8. Aug 2021
4 – 16 Aug 2021
7 – 19 Aug 2021
9 – 21 Aug 2021
12 – 24 Aug 2021

2022 Departures

  * All tours will start in Broome and return to Broome in 2022. This means there will be a slight change to the itinerary. Guests will still enjoy all the spectacular sights of the Gibb River Road and Purnululu. The new price for all 2022 departures will be $3,999 (a small increase of $9). While this is a camping tour, guests on all 2022 departures will stay 2 nights in a hotel in Kununurra half way through the tour. Single supplements for these two nights are available for an additional $200 (when camping, each guests has their own tent or they are welcome to share). 

Broome to Broome
23 Apr – 5 May 2022 28 Jun – 10 Jul 2022
26 Apr – 8 May 2022 1 – 13 July 2022
29 Apr – 11 May 2022 4 – 16 July 2022
2 – 14 May 2022 7 – 19 Jul 2022
9 – 21 May 2022 14 – 26 Jul 2022
12 – 24 May 2022* 17 – 29 Jul 2022
15 – 27 May 2022* 20 Jul – 1 Aug 2022
18 – 30 May 2022* 23 Jul – 4 Aug 2022
25 May – 6 Jun 2022* 30 Jul – 11 Aug 2022
28 May – 9 Jun 2022* 2 – 14 Aug 2022
31 May – 12 Jun 2022 5 – 17 Aug 2022
3 – 15 Jun 2022 8 – 20 Aug 2022
10 – 22 Jun 2022 15 – 27 Aug 2022
13 – 25 Jun 2022 18 – 30 Aug 2022
16 – 28 Jun 2022 21 Aug – 2 Sep 2022
19 Jun – 1 Jul 2022


*Ord Valley Muster is on in Kununurra from 21 – 29 May. All departures that fall during this period will be $4,079pp twin share ($360 single supplement) due to an accommodation price increase for the two nights guests stay at cabins in Kununurra mid tour.  

Why Choose our Kimberley WA walking tours: walking, camping and 4wd

  • 13 days – experiencing the best of the Kimberley, including the Gibb River Road, El Questro and Purnululu National Park (the Bungle Bungles)
  • Jump on our air conditioned 4wd bus with forward facing seats between Broome and Kununurra with plenty of day walks and swims along the way
  • Easy/moderate walks between 1 and 10 km
  • Comfortable camping – spacious tents (one per person), camp beds, mattresses, toilets & showers and 1 night in cabins
  • 2 professional guides
  • Small group size
  • $3,990pp ex Broome or Kununurra.

Our Kimberley WA Walking tours have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 15 guests.

Download our Kimberley Walking Tour Itinerary (Broome to Kununurra)

Download our Kimberley Walking Tour itinerary here (Kununurra to Broome)

Download our Kimberley tour Information sheet here

Tour Length:
13 Days, Broome to Kununurra, Or Kununurra to Broome. $3,990pp
Distance walked:
Shortest walk is 1 km, longest is about 12 km
Easy to Moderate – many walks are short and most of the longer ones allow you to go as far as you like before you turn back. Some of the surfaces can be rocky and uneven underfoot and a moderate level of fitness is recommended.; See FAQ
3 – 15. Jul 2021
6 – 18. Jul 2021
8 – 20. Jul 2021
11 – 23. Jul 2021
4 – 16. Aug 2021
9 – 21. Aug 2021
12 – 24. Aug 2021
23. Apr – 5. May 2022
26. Apr – 8. May 2022
29. Apr – 11. May 2022
2 – 14. May 2022
9 – 21. May 2022
12 – 24. May 2022
15 – 27. May 2022
18 – 30. May 2022
25. May – 6. Jun 2022
28. May – 9. Jun 2022
31. May – 12. Jun 2022
3 – 15. Jun 2022
10 – 22. Jun 2022
13 – 25. Jun 2022
16 – 28. Jun 2022
19. Jun – 1. Jul 2022
28. Jun – 10. Jul 2022
1 – 13. Jul 2022
4 – 16. Jul 2022
7 – 19. Jul 2022
14 – 26. Jul 2022
17 – 29. Jul 2022
20. Jul – 1. Aug 2022
23. Jul – 4. Aug 2022
30. Jul – 11. Aug 2022
2 – 14. Aug 2022
5 – 17. Aug 2022
8 – 20. Aug 2022
15 – 27. Aug 2022
18 – 30. Aug 2022
21. Aug – 2. Sep 2022
See the PDF file for printing

Highlights of this walk

Experience the magnificent Kimberley on this 4wd tour. Walk through ancient gorges and swim in pristine waterholes, beyond where most other tours go. Enjoy social and relaxed evenings under the dazzling Kimberley stars. Complete the entire Gibb River Road and experience all of it’s best sights.

Walking Tour Itinerary

We start our Kimberley walking tours in either the historic pearling town of Broome or from the opposite direction in Kununurra. The tour includes all the spectacular gorges along the Gibb River Road as well as Purnululu (the Bungles). We will explore the gorges at a leisurely pace and take advantage of the many idyllic swimming holes. We spend two full days each in El Questro Station and Purnululu (the Bungles) walking, exploring and relaxing. The tour finishes in Broome or Kununurra where you can go on to explore more of the Kimberley and the Northern Territory, or fly back home.
N/B The itinerary may vary according to conditions and advice.
Day 1 Broome to Windjana Gorge

Day 1 Broome to Windjana Gorge

We begin our tour in the historic pearling town of Broome this morning and head to Windjana National Park, passing alongside Boab trees (including the famous Prison Tree) and the savannah plains. After setting up our camp we will enjoy a relaxing stroll into Windjana gorge to see the red rocks light up with the first of many spectacular Kimberley sunsets!

Accommodation: National Park camp site, Windjana Gorge

Meals: LD

Day 2 Windjana Gorge & Tunnel Creek

Day 2 Windjana Gorge & Tunnel Creek

Today we explore the Napier range, with a 7km return hike through Windjana Gorge. The high walls of this gorge were once part of an ancient Devonian reef system that surrounded the Kimberley region. With its’ variety of bird life, interesting reef walls and collection of freshwater crocodiles, Windjana will keep us enthralled for hours. After a delicious lunch, we drive out to Tunnel Creek where we spend the afternoon walking through the 750m long cave system. Tunnel Creek is a significant historical site for the local Bunaba people. A great way to begin your northern journey.

Accommodation: National Park camp site, Windjana Gorge

Meals: BLD

Day 3 Windjana Gorge to Manning Gorge area

Day 3 Windjana Gorge to Manning Gorge area

Waking up to the sounds of birds chattering in the trees, we pack up our tents and head out for more adventures on the Gibb River Road. We will spend the morning exploring Bell Creek Gorge with its many rock pools, rapids and waterfalls. This is a spectacular spot for a swim before we drive out to Mt Barnett station, where we set up camp for three nights.

Accommodation: Camp site, Manning Creek

Meals: BLD

Day 4 & Day 5 Manning Gorge area

Day 4 & Day 5 Manning Gorge area

Our next two days are filled with opportunities to discover more gorges, beautiful swimming holes and the unique flora and fauna of the region. We will hike to Manning Falls, take a refreshing dip near the waterfall at Galvan’s gorge and explore other gorges in the area. There will also be the option to spend time relaxing near the campsite, reading by the river and washing a little of that pindan dust off your white clothes (good luck!).

Accommodation: Camp site, Manning Creek

Meals: BLD

Day 6 Manning Creek to El Questro Station

Day 6 Manning Creek to El Questro Station

Today we continue north along the Gibb River Road. Our drive will see us cross the Durack River and pass the site of the old Durack River Homestead – destroyed by flood in 2002. The road is often quite rough and corrugated. The spectacular scenery includes the Pentecost River Lookout, which overlooks the river flood plain. Dinner is not included tonight to give you the opportunity to enjoy dining at the Homestead restaurant.

Accommodation: Camp site, El Questro

Meals: BL

Days 7 & 8 El Questro Station

Days 7 & 8 El Questro Station

During these two days there are plenty of walking and swimming options that we can undertake at El Questro. These include Emma Gorge, Telegraph Hill & El Questro Gorge walks plus there is an optional cruise on Chamberlain Gorge if anyone wants an easy afternoon.

Accommodation: Camp Site, El Questro

Meals: BLD

Day 9 El Questro to Kununurra

Day 9 El Questro to Kununurra

An early morning departure as we head for Kununurra. Today’s drive will take us via Wyndham where we will visit the old port and take in the spectacular views from the Five Rivers lookout. We will also spend time visiting Parry’s lagoon which is a great spot to experience masses of waterbirds and the possibility of seeing a saltwater crocodile or two. Upon arrival in Kununurra, there will be time this afternoon to catch up on washing, postcards or just to relax. The crew will be organising the fresh food requirements for the next section of the trip. Dinner is not included tonight to give you the opportunity to taste some of the local delights.

Accommodation: Cabins in Kununurra

Meals: BL

Day 10 Kununurra to Purnululu (Bungle Bungle)

Day 10 Kununurra to Purnululu (Bungle Bungle)

This morning we leave Kununurra and head for Purnululu National Park – one of only three natural World Heritage sites in WA. The 53 kilometre road into the park is our reintroduction to outback tracks with creek crossings, wash aways and rough slow sections. After setting up camp we will head out to watch the sun set against the red rock of the Bungle Range – bring a drink if you like!

Accommodation: National Park camp site, Purnululu

Meals: BLD

Day 11 & 12 Purnululu (Bungle Bungle)

Day 11 & 12 Purnululu (Bungle Bungle)

More star filled evenings, as we spend the next two days exploring the natural wonders the park including Echidna Chasm, Mini Palms Gorge, the spectacular orange and black ‘beehive’ domes, Piccanniny Creek and Cathedral Gorge. There is time during our stay for an optional helicopter flight over the Bungle Bungle Range.

Accommodation: National Park camp site, Purnululu

Meals: BLD

Day 13 Purnululu (Bungle Bungle) to Kununurra

Day 13 Purnululu (Bungle Bungle) to Kununurra

This morning we leave Purnululu and make the return journey to Kununurra. This wonderful outback experience will end on our arrival back in town where you will be transferred to Kununurra Ibis Styles.

Meals: BL

Read one of our Kimberley tour blogs to get a better feel for the tour.

Details about accommodation, what to bring, transportation, food, etc.
Details about accommodation, what to bring, transportation, food, etc. See the PDF file for printing


We camp almost every night in designated campgrounds, staying between one and three nights at each location. All of the high-quality camping equipment you need is provided, including stretcher beds and a mattress to sleep on, 190cm high tents, and comfortable camping chairs. When we refuel in Kununurra mid tour we stay 1 night in cabin style accommodation.

There are toilets and showers available at each of the campsites with the exception of no showers in Purnululu NP (the Bungle Bungles).

Bring your own pillow and sleeping bag or hire a sleeping bag from us for $35 (please let us know when booking if you would like this option). We have a limited amount of sleeping bags for hire, so please let us know early.

A holiday isn’t a holiday if there isn’t time to relax and reflect on the day’s adventures. Our crew members carry out the campsite duties – so there’s no need for you to cook or wash dirty pots and pans.  All the eating utensils and crockery you will need are provided for your convenience. Helping around the camp will be appreciated by your guides, but there is certainly no requirement to help.

Simply set up your tent and enjoy the sights and sounds of the night as you sit around the campfire, recapping the highlights of the day with your fellow travel companions.

What to bring

Luggage: Due to health and safety requirements, please limit your luggage to one medium sized, soft sided bag per person. Length + width + height should not exceed 140 cm. The maximum weight of the bag shouldn’t exceed 15 kg. If you’re travelling as a couple, please pack two smaller bags rather than one large one. Your day pack is in addition to your main luggage bag.

Suggested items to pack for your Kimberley walking tour:

  • Day-pack – one with a waist strap is best to help take some weight off your shoulders;
  • Shorts or trousers and shirts for walking – lightweight and quick-dry material are best;
  • Casual clothing for evenings and rest days;
  • Warm clothing in case of cold evenings and mornings – jumper, tracksuit pants, beanie;
  • Wind and waterproof jacket;
  • Socks – whichever thickness you’re comfortable in (thick explorer socks can get quite hot);
  • Comfortable, sturdy walking shoes or boots (ankle support is recommended as many surfaces are rocky and uneven);
  • Shoes suitable for walking in water (creeks). Sturdy walking sandals are best – they dry easily, you can shower in them and you can wear them around camp;
  • Gaiters (not sweaty plastic ones) for keeping grass seeds out of socks and shoes;
  • Sun protection – hat, sunglasses, sunscreen (and consider your clothing);
  • Bathers and swimming towel (lightweight so you can easily carry them);
  • Towel for washing;
  • Toiletries, hand sanitiser and personal medication;
  • Sleeping bag (warm enough for min temperatures of approx 4 degrees Celsius). You can hire a sleeping bag from us for $33 for the whole tour if you would prefer;
  • Pillow (you can keep this separate to your luggage in a sturdy plastic bag if you can’t squeeze it into your suitcase);
  • Reliable headlamp with spare batteries (much better than a torch because you can still use both hands when wearing a headlamp);
  • Any preferred first aid supplies such as blister treatment (Your guides will also carry a first-aid kit);
  • Water bottle/s – 2 to 3 litre capacity;
  • Fly net;
  • Insect Repellent;
  • Camera and charger/batteries (You can use your battery charger on the bus while we are driving);
  • Walking pole/s (optional but good for using on some rocky sections if your balance is not good).
  • At this time of year (May/June) the days are typically clear and warm (average max 33°C) and the nights are mild but can be quite cool (average min 17°C).


You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the variety and quality of the meals prepared under what are sometimes difficult conditions. Our guides prepare the meals, and we have fridges and ice chests (eskies) on board for storing fresh and frozen food.

Three meals each day plus morning tea and snacks are included in the price of your tour (unless otherwise specified – see tour itinerary for details).

If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know when you book, we are happy to adapt our tasty, nutritious meals to suit a variety of dietary needs.


Transport is by an air-conditioned custom built four wheel drive (4WD) tour coach, designed for comfort in outback conditions. Vehicles are modern, comfortable and regularly serviced to ensure their safety and reliability. They are also fitted with long-range high frequency radios and recovery gear in case of emergency.

In the case of breakdown or other unforeseen circumstances affecting the vehicle or guide, the operator reserves the right to substitute vehicles and guides other than those specified, to ensure the operation of a tour.

Seat Allocation: Seats on tour vehicle are not pre allocated. To ensure all participants get to enjoy window seats we encourage a daily seat rotation system.

This walk includes

Camping and entrance fees

All camping and park entrance fees are included

Excellent itinerary and planning

Drawn from 22 years experience.

High quality camping equipment

We’ll provide you with a spacious tent, camp bed, mattress, eating utensils and camp chair

Home made morning tea each day

Enjoy a slice of home-baked cake and a hot cuppa each morning on the track – we’ll even carry the thermos for you!

Meals prepared in our camp kitchen

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are provided.

Professional guides and experienced outback driver

Our crew will see that your experience is enjoyable, relaxing, safe and extraordinary. Leave the heavy work to us while you soak in the magic.

Transport built for outback conditions

Transport is by an air-conditioned custom built 4WD tour coach, designed for comfort in outback conditions. Regularly serviced to ensure safety and reliability. Fitted with communication and recovery gear in case of emergency.

Kimberley Tour FAQs

How hard are the walks on this tour?

The walks in the Kimberley are not particularly difficult. Some are quite rocky underfoot however none are particularly long, so we can afford to take our time. Most of the walks include an opportunity to swim in a beautiful water hole.

Posted in: Kimberley Tour FAQs

I have never put up a tent before. Is it hard? Will you help?

Modern tents are very quick and easy to erect. We all pitch in and help each other and generally each tent is up within 10 minutes.

Posted in: Kimberley Tour FAQs

Do I have to share a tent?

No. We have a three person tent for each person. The tents are large enough for most people to stand fully erect and there is room enough to put a stretcher bed (which we provide) as well as all of your gear. If you are travelling as a couple, they tents are still big enough for two.

Posted in: Kimberley Tour FAQs

What will the weather be like in May/June?

May/June is the best time in the Kimberley. There is still lots of water in the swimming holes and waterfalls, but the chance of getting rain is much reduced. The parks in the Kimberley open on the 1st of April. We typically start our season a good 6 weeks later. The days will be warm and evenings mild. There is lots of refreshing swims on this tour, so it is not hard to cool off.

Posted in: Kimberley Tour FAQs

Why do we camp on the Kimberley tour? Don’t all of your other tours stay in accommodation?

If we could stay in accommodation we would, however it would mean a lot of driving. The Kimberley is an enormous place and if you don’t want to spend your whole tour in the bus, it means you have to camp.

Posted in: Kimberley Tour FAQs

About Walking Tours In General

How hard are the walks?

The difficulty of the walks ranges from tour to tour, from easy to challenging. We design all of our walking tours to be achievable for those with a moderate level of fitness. We do recommend doing some training before most tours, because physical activity is always more enjoyable if you are physically prepared. We will send you information about how to train when you book.

When on tour we find that a positive mental attitude is most important and that if you focus on the scenery, the company and the moment, and not on the kilometres, then you find yourself reaching your destination with little problem. You can always have a day or sometimes an afternoon off to relax if you feel like it. If you have any concerns about your fitness or ability to complete a walk, give us a call on (08) 6219 5164 and we can talk you through it.

Posted in: About Walking Tours In General

Do I have to twin-share accommodation? Can I have my own room?

Our tour prices are based on rooms being twin share (two single beds in one room) or double (one double/queen bed in a room, shared by a couple). If you are travelling alone, we will give you a room with someone of the same sex. Sometimes, depending on the accommodation, it is possible to pay a single supplement to ensure that you have a room to yourself – please ask us if this option is available when you book. We won’t always be able to guarantee your own bathroom and king/queen beds with a single supplement due to the types of accommodation we use for group bookings. Often we stay at 2 or 3 bedroom chalets so that we can cook and have a common area for the group to relax and mingle at the end of your days walk. If having your own bathroom is important, give us a ring and we will see if it is possible.

Posted in: About Walking Tours In General

Will I hold up the group if I’m a slow walker?

We find a lot of people who haven’t been on a walking tour before worry about this, but it’s rarely an issue. We keep a comfortable steady pace with plenty of opportunities to rest and take in the scenery along the way. Usually the group will spread out over a couple of hundred metres as we walk.

Normal walking pace on a formed surface like a road or footpath is around 4.5 – 6 km per hour and we tend to average just over 3 km per hour on bush tracks. It’s not a stroll but it’s not a brisk walk either. If you feel you may be slower than this, try some longer training walks to increase your walking fitness.

Posted in: About Walking Tours In General

What is the average age of Inspiration Outdoors’ guests?

About 80% of our walkers are aged between 45 – 75, but we welcome all adults on our tours. We get a roughly 60/40 female to male split.

Posted in: About Walking Tours In General, Day Walk FAQs

What’s the food like? Can you cater for my dietary needs?

We serve simple, nutritious and delicious food on tour, using fresh and local ingredients as much as possible. Of course, if you like, you can indulge in some less nutritious treats as well – you’re on holiday after all and the team bake some mean cakes. Breakfast, home-made morning tea, lunch, fresh fruit, pre-dinner nibbles and a two course evening meal are all included. We are happy to adapt our menu to suit many dietary needs including gluten free, vegetarian and vegan diets – please ask when you book.

Posted in: About Walking Tours In General

Are your walking tours just for “bushwalkers”?

Our walks are for anyone who enjoys walking and nature – bushwalkers or not. Our walks are conducted in safe, supportive and fun environments and you don’t need specialised equipment or experience to undertake them. We give you information about what you will need to bring and how you should prepare for each tour and we’re always here to answer any questions or concerns.

Posted in: About Walking Tours In General, Day Walk FAQs

Do I have to walk every day on tour?

Of course not – it’s your holiday and you should do what you feel! Relax at the accommodation, come for a drive, get dropped off in town or go for a stroll of your own. On some days there is also the opportunity to walk for part of the day. This last option depends on whether there is vehicle access to the track.

Posted in: About Walking Tours In General

What do I have to carry when I walk?

Very little. A water bladder or bottles, a rain jacket, some personal first aid supplies and, on some days, lunch. You will probably want a camera as well. We return to accommodation each evening so there is no need to carry a large backpack.

Posted in: About Walking Tours In General

Beautiful walks in the daytime, relax with fellow walkers each evening

As much as this walk is a fantastic outdoor experience, it’s also a social experience, giving you a chance to enjoy the companionship and support of like-minded people. Enjoy a cuppa with a slice of home-made cake for morning tea, and fresh healthy lunches, surrounded by nature. Finish each day with a simple but tasty million star dining experience around the camp fire.

What people have said

The Kimberley is an amazing & beautiful part of Australia and this trip not only took us to some of the iconic locations but also to some gorgeous little hidden gems that many people might just drive straight past. The trip is so well organised, and the guides are really knowledgeable and fun. The food is gourmet camp cooking with flare… who would have thought that the best best roast lamb and vegies you’ve ever eaten would be cooked in camp oven?! Thanks everyone.

Dayle, Kimberley 2016

An Inspiration Outdoors Kimberley tour is not for everyone. You have to enjoy walking (scrambling, climbing, etc.) through magnificent scenery. You have to enjoy eating delicious and very ample meals around a campfire under the splendour of the stars before retiring to comfortable stretcher beds and tents for the night. A “luxury” or “glamping” tour it is not, but if you meet the above criteria and want to see and experience more of the Kimberley than luxury tours could offer you, then you could not do better than enjoy the relaxed, friendly and well-planned Inspiration Outdoors Kimberley tour.

Greg, Kimberley 2015


AUD $3,990 per person

Secure your seat with a $350 deposit.

Money-Back Guarantee

Our number one priority at Inspiration Outdoors is to ensure our guests have a great experience on EVERY tour.

We can’t guarantee the weather, bush fires or events beyond our control, but we do guarantee that:
– your guides are professional, friendly and hard working.
– your itinerary is well organised and thought out.
– the particulars of your tour (accommodation, transport, food etc), are as described on the website and in the tour notes.

We stand behind our guarantees. If you come on a tour with Inspiration Outdoors and we do not fulfil these promises, we will give you your money back.

Walking in El Questro, the Kimberley

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What happens after I book?

After you have filled in a registration form, we will send you all extra information you may need, including a list of what to bring and how best to prepare for the tour.

Payment in full is required at least six weeks prior to the tour (bookings can still be made within six weeks of tour start date if there are places available). We will email or call you to remind you when this is due.

Finally, we will contact you prior to your tour to confirm pick-up times and locations. If you have any questions or concerns at all before or after you have booked, please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can go through them with you.

What are my payment options?

Payment can be made by:

  • Direct deposit
  • Cheque
  • Credit card

Can I cancel my booking?

If you need to cancel your tour;

  • 85 days or more, you will be refunded all monies paid, less a $50 administration fee.
  • 42 to 84 days prior to departure, you will lose your deposit
  • 28 to 41 days: 25% of full tour cost
  • 14 to 27 days: 50% of full tour cost
  • less than 14 days: 100% of full tour cost, no refund

If you have any concerns about cancelling, please take out travel insurance covering this contingency. This policy will be adhered to despite the most compelling and compassionate circumstances.

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