Will I enjoy the Munda Biddi Bike Tour if I’m a road cyclist?

Munda Biddi Trail

So you’re a road cyclist. You love your Saturday morning rides for coffee with friends and you’re familiar with all the cycle paths around your local area. Now you’re wondering if you’ll enjoy riding the Munda Biddi mountain bike trail?

Short answer – Yes! Book Now

Long answer – Read on….

I understand the hesitation and uncertainty. I used to ride my road bike 10-15 hours a week before switching to a mountain bike and riding the Munda Biddi. I didn’t know that much about the track and wasn’t sure how I’d go either but now I’m a complete convert.

To see if the off-road world is for you here are some points to consider –

First off –

It’s “same same but different”. You still have to bend your knees repetitively while balancing on two wheels. That bit doesn’t change just because you are riding in the bush. What does differ is the bike, the terrain and the riding style.

The Bike –

Riding a mountain bike is a completely different experience and one you won’t know if you like or not until you try. Mountain bikes have fatter tyres and more suspension so it’s usually a more comfortable ride and many people feel more stable on them.

*Do not try and ride your road bike on mountain bike trails! This is not only unsafe but will distort your view on what mountain biking is really like.

The Terrain –

The surface you’re riding on is anything from dirt, gravel, sand, leaves etc. which is a softer ride than concrete or bitumen. Because of these uneven riding surfaces, you can expect the bike to move around underneath you more than a road bike on a footpath would. While some people see this as more effort I only see the positive side. More movement = more of a workout = deserving of a bigger slice of cake 😊

The thought of riding on pea gravel and sand might sound intimidating to some people but rest assured the Munda Biddi trail has been designed with all riding abilities in mind. Large sections follow disused rail formations so while hard-core mountain biking skills are not necessary, some basic skills will be required.

The Riding Style –

It’s a slower pace. Most mountain bikers average 10-15km/hr (sometimes slower!) so the focus is on enjoying your surroundings rather than keeping up with a peloton who fly past like a swarm of locusts.

Don’t expect the mid ride coffee stop either (though it does happen). Instead expect lots of smaller rest stops throughout the ride for snacks and drinks and to fully appreciate the scenery we are riding through.  While a slower pace and more frequent stops might sound easy it’s actually dictated by the type of terrain you’re riding so don’t worry –  you’ll still get your workout.

It might sound like there aren’t many similarities between mountain biking and road riding but there are a lot of transferable skills. Your ability to balance and control the bike are the same, your overall fitness will increase with mountain biking and of course the social aspect is the same if not improved. While you may not sit around a coffee shop having a chat you instead get to talk about the awesome scenery and the fun trail you just rode all while enjoying the beauty of nature. An overpriced Flat White doesn’t compare in my opinion!

To find out more about the Munda Biddi trail tour you can join click here.

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