Hikerswool – all natural blister prevention! Your chance to win.

Hikerswool - all natural blister prevention! Your chance to win.

This month we caught up with Sandra – owner of Hikerswool.  We were introduced to Hikerswool and Sandra last year by the ‘Toowoomba Trekers’ who did the Cape to Cape with us.  The ‘TT’s’ raved about Hikerswool and how great it was at preventing blisters.  We’ve recently used it ourselves on a walk and were pleased with the results.  Below Sandra answers some of my questions.

How did Hikerswool come about?

My late husband, Brian, started researching the product about 11 years ago when he retired form work. As a tramper he had heard of a similar product so he sourced some wool and started experimenting to find the best techniques for washing and processing the wool.  It needed to be soft yet strong and durable, with plenty of lanolin left in it after washing.  Initially it was all processed by hand and we sold it at markets and fairs and to some sports stores in New Zealand.

How has Hikerswool grown since then?

By 2005 demand had increased substantially so we invested in an “active” web-site and started out-sourcing the processing of the wool. The wool is packaged and dispatched from our workshop and is supplied worldwide through our web-site (http://www.hikerswool.co.nz/).

Brian died in 2008 and I have carried on with Hikerswool. I had retired form work in 2006 so you see you are never too old to handle another venture! Hikerswool is a simple product that has an enormous benefit….and there is huge amount of satisfaction when customers write to say how it has worked for them in all sorts of situations, on all sorts of trails.  Being a tramper myself I know how a blister can spoil the whole trip.

How do you use Hikerswool? 

Simply tear off the required amount and wrap it around toes or points of pressure or friction, before putting on your sock.

Can I just wear it over my socks?  

No, Hikerswool needs to be next to the skin. The lanolin rich wool acts as a barrier from friction caused by the sock and shoe. It will adhere to the sock and therefore remain in place.

How much should I use?

Be generous at first then you can judge how much to use in the future. The area to be protected must be well covered by the wool.

Does Hikerswool make existing blisters feel more comfortable or just prevent blisters from forming?

Hikerswool is for the prevention of blisters so use it before the blister occurs i.e. at the first sign of a “hot spot”. If the blister has already formed and broken use a plaster underneath a piece of Hikerswool to act as a cushion.  Hikerswool isn’t medicated so it shouldn’t be used against broken skin.

Won’t wool make my feet hot and sweaty? 

No, it actually absorbs moisture so your feet will remain dry.

If you would like to win a packet of Hikerswool, comment on this blog post or email us with the subject ‘hikerswool’ and tell us why you’d like to try it.  We have two midi packets to give away worth $10.50 each.

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