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Hiking safely in Australia’s bushfire season

Bushfire in Walpole

On Black Saturday, I awoke early and on hearing the weather reports, made the decision to call off my planned bushwalk. I’m not sure I’ve ever been as glad of any decision I’ve made in my life. Since that day,…

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How to be a good hiking citizen

Group of walkers on the cape to cape track

The internet is overflowing with articles about hiking “etiquette”. Lists of rules about which side of the track you should walk on, or who should yield when hikers meet on a hill. To me, these rules are generally pretty obvious,…

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Walking Meditation Part 2 – walking with awareness

Walking Meditation Part 2 - walking with awareness

In a previous post, we talked about three techniques for meditating while walking. In this post we will go deeper into the third technique; walking with awareness. Walking with Awareness Awareness is a term used a lot these days and…

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