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How to prepare for the Larapinta Trail

Larapinta Trail

There are heaps of different ways to walk the Larapinta Trail. You could organise the whole trip yourself or go with a guide. Even with a guide, some prefer to hike it as a full pack carry, while others have…

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How to break in new hiking boots

Hiking boots

Who doesn’t love a new pair of hiking shoes or boots? The smell of new suede or leather. The fresh clean look. The maximum level of comfort and support that only new footwear can provide. The only problem that –…

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I’m a Road Cyclist, will I enjoy the Munda Biddi Trail?

Munda Biddi Trail

So you’re a road cyclist. You love your Saturday morning rides for coffee with friends and you’re familiar with all the cycle paths around the river. Now you’re wondering if you’ll enjoy riding the Munda Biddi mountain bike trail? Written…

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Victorian High Country – A Place For All Seasons

Victorian High Country

One of my favourite locations in Australia for outdoor pursuits is without doubt the Victorian High Country. For one, it’s stunning! There’s not many places in Australia where you can truly feel ‘in the mountains’ but the high country is…

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Snakebite first aid 101

snakebite first aid

As hikers, we don’t like to think about the dangers that lurk in the Australian bush. When we do, though, snakes are probably the first thing that comes to mind. The good thing is that your chances of actually suffering…

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How to choose the right sleeping bag

Sleeping bags

Choosing the Right Sleeping Bag Sleeping bags come in a whole variety of materials, styles, warmth ratings and colour. Choosing the right bag is integral to a comfy, warm night’s sleep. Here are our suggestions on what to consider and…

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